Collapse the Path to Purchase with Voice

Increase sales and reduce bounce rates with Vokaris Search, the leader in v-commerce.

Thrive in the Voice Economy with Voice Search, Instant Search, and More 

E-commerce is growing almost 20% per year. Yet, many of today’s text-based search solutions are slow, inaccurate, and cumbersome, especially on mobile, where 59% of all e-commerce is expected to occur in 2021. As a result, 31% of product-specific searches end up in vain.

According to a recent survey, now more than 50% of the people in all age groups, even 50+, use their voice to interact with technology daily. 7 of 10 people who use voice prefer speaking to typing for search. And, 50% voice-tech users have made at least one voice purchase.

With accurate, affordable Vokaris Search, you can win more business today and be a leader in the voice-first future. 

Get More Conversions & Sales With Better Search 

Grow your business faster by making it easy for people to find and purchase what they want using their voice

Deliver World-Class CX with Voice & Instant Search

Establish your brand as modern, accessible and easy-to-shop by letting customers choose when to talk and when to type.

Win More Business with
Real-Time Data

Learn from every search with built-in customer data capture and a dashboard built to help you turn more shoppers into customers

Enabling smart Voice commerce


Versatile Vokaris Search is Your Go-To Choice for V-Commerce

Business of all types and sizes rely on Vokaris Search to collapse the path the purchase on their sites, including customers in:
                   • Automotive
                   • Real Estate
                   • Apparel
                   • Electronics
                   • Food and grocery (for ordering)
                   • Services businesses,
                   • including health care and hospitality (for appointment scheduling)  

People Choose Vokaris Search 

Delivers fast, accurate search resultsby voice or by text
Enables people to browse and even buy hands-free by using their voice
Installs in minutes on any website
Can be enabled across devices or customized (e.g., voice search on mobile only)
Is secure—your data is never shared with third parties for any purpose
Is easy to budget for as there are no per search fees  

How Vokaris Helps Customers

Vokaris Search Makes Browsing and Buying Fast and Easy

Voice Search

Make it easy for people to interact with your site in the most natural way possible—by talking.

Instant Search & Autocompletion

Vokaris instant search and autocompletion capabilities save time by searching as users type and making smart suggestions

Voice Checkout

Most search software stops after the search; Vokaris Search can voice-enable the entire process from start to finish (checkout).

Vokaris Search is Smarter and More Accurate 

It’s no surprise that what site visitors want most from a site is accuracy. You know from your own experience that when you visit a web site, you expect to quickly find the items you want—and if you don’t, you’ll try a different site.   

General-purpose search engines contain many words that your visitors won’t use to search your site. That means query time is wasted and there is more potential for the confusion that leads to “item not found” results.  

Vokaris uses a combination of cutting-edge science—natural language processing—and your site’s data, including your inventory, to automatically create a contextual language model and a custom database with the words that your visitors are likely to use when they search your site. The result: Fast, accurate search results.

Phrase Recognition

Many search engines rely on keywords, but users don’t always mention the “right” ones. Vokaris Search also recognizes relevant phrases improving results.


70% of search engines don’t use synonyms causing them to miss items customers want, losing site owners business. Vokaris Search uses synonyms to increase match rates and sales

Custom Responses

In addition to using voice to search, some visitors may use it to ask questions. With Vokaris Search, you can add responses to specific questions like, “Can you make me a service appointment?

Vokaris Search is Easy to Set Up and Maintain

Fast & Easy Set Up

No other embedded content is required, and installation is done in minutes. Vokaris Search is a small app (JavaScript & CSS) and it does not break or replace your site’s original functionality

Automatic Site Cataloging

Even for complex inventories, Vokaris Search can make all the descriptive elements of your products searchable. To create your site-specific database, Vokaris automatically catalogs your site

Up-to-Date Inventory

Vokaris makes it easy to maintain the accuracy of your database and inventory. You can update the database on demand or integrate Vokaris with your inventory system

Vokaris Search Gives You Data to Grow Your Business

Visitor Info & Insights

Clearly see what people have searched for, conversion rates, and aggregated trends over time with Vokaris dashboard.


Vokaris Call-to-Action feature makes it easy for visitors to connect with you—it even auto-populates relevant data from their most recent search

Your Data is Your Data

You have complete control of your hard-won data with Vokaris—we never share it with third parties in any way

Vokaris Search Gets the Details Right

No Load on Your Server

With Vokaris Search, there is no load on your server because everything is served from the cloud.

Available on Any Device

Vokaris Search provides customers with a great user experience whether they are using a computer or mobile device.


Vokaris Search makes your site available to more people, including the visually impaired

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